1/15/2019- This week Brian, Beth Mario and Kirsten dream up some restaurants for the Walt Disney World Resort Parks. Thank you to Listener Rebekah Ward for the episode suggestion.

Show Notes:
  • Create one new QS restaurant and one new TS restaurant.
  • Rules:
    • You can either build a whole new restaurant or overhaul an existing one...but if you choose to overhaul an existing place you can’t choose the same cuisine (ex. Nine Dragons couldn’t be re-themed to another Asian restaurant.
    • Describe where in the park(s) each restaurant is located & theming.
    • What type of food does each restaurant serve? (American, Asian, Italian, etc.)
    • What type of dining? (buffet, family style, prix fixe, etc.)
    • Does it require 1 or 2 dining credits?
    • Does your restaurant serve alcohol?
    • Character meal or not? If so, which character(s)? (extra bonus points for villains)
    • Bonus points if you can come up with a signature food item or cocktail for your location.
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