04/10/2019 - This week, the Station 71 hosts catch up on the controversial news that Disney has released over the last few weeks. Then, Mario reports on his recent trip down to the World...with a life-changing update!


Listener Feedback:
  • From listener Sara: "Good morning! I just had a kind of random question about pin trading. Do you guys have a favorite kind of pin to collect? Like a certain series or character that you aim for when you're pin trading? For example, I will take pretty much anything that has the Cheshire Cat or Chip and Dale on it. I also thought I would share my own collection. The weird spacing is just to give me more room to add things to certain collections as I get them. Is there any way you guys can share your own collections, such as on the Facebook page? I love looking at other people's collections and I'm sure other fans would like to see them too. Love the podcast. Can't wait for more content!"
Thanks for the feedback, Sara! Here are a few photos from the Station 71 hosts!
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