04/24/2019- This week Mario, Beth and Brian take a look at some of the IPs that have been in Walt Disney World that Disney did not own!

Show Notes:
  • "Ninja Turtles - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arrived at MGM Studios on July 1st 1990 to deminstrate their ""heroes in a half shell"" Turtle power to fans around the Streets of New York. They would arrive in their Turtle Party Wagon, do some Karate moves with their weapons and pose for pictures/autographs. The crew was introduced by reporter friend April O'neil who would introduce the turtles one at a time tho Michaelangelo always seemed to miss his cue because he was busy ordering a Pizza. 
  • The Show was very short (roughly 4 minutes at a time) and was performed throughout the day.  Lasting till  1995. It was later replaced by Muppets on Location. It appears that this was a licensed property "
  • "Ace Ventura - To Promote the 1995 film Ace Venture: When Nature Calls a small stunt show was placed on the New York Backlot to promote the film. Premiring 5 times a day an EMC would introduced the character of Ace, who was supposed to come out of his office and talk to the cast about his upcoming film. after the EMC introduced the character twice only to have Ace not come out of his office Ace would grapple down the side of the building. Ace would do a couple catch phrases, talk about his upcoming movie, When Nature Calls  and do some ""impressions of Africa"". 
  • A Spider would appear on the roof of the building Ace had just grappled down. The theme from mission impossible would play while Ace swung from the stage, too his office. Upon entering the MC would remind Ace that the spider was on the building and not in his office. A toilet flushes, a few birds fly out of the window, Ace would stick his head out and advises guest "" do not go in there"" 
  • He then climbs out of the window, up the fire escape and ziplining across to the other building. (the show on youtube I watched he calls out ""look im tinkerbell"") When Ace Makes it to the other side of the building he would wrestle with the spider before guests called out that it was on his back, ace would wrestle with it agian before it made its way to his waist where he would ""check his fly"" before finding the spider and bringing it into his captivity,
  • There was an alternate show that would appear along side of this one where Ace would arrive in his car and search for a missing Albino Bat. Regardless of the show Guests would be able to meet Ace at one of two photo spots after the show for photos and autographs. 
  • Click text to watch a video"
  • Power Rangers - No real fun story here, Disney Owned the power rangers and thats something I often forget. They met for a while at Hollywood Studios on streets of america and met up until 2010 ish when they sold the franchsie back to its original owners
  • "Not really an IP but David Copperfield almost had a restaurant in MGM too -  in 1996 David Copperfield decidewd to reach out into the world of themed resturants with a series of chain resturants  with two locations right outside of Orlando in Walt Disney World. (MGM Studios and Pleasure Island)  with another location opening in time square NY.  
  • Copperfield Sited Walt as a role model growing up and when it came time for him to open his resutrant he knew he wanted to place it somewhere on disney property. He met with Michael Eisner and the Disney Board in 1996 both of which thought that it was a great idea and green lit the resturant for an opening of Summer 1998. Billboards were placed around both MGM studios as well as the walk way to downtown disney. 
  • The resturant would be a similar concept to Planet Hollywood or Hardrock Cafe but would feature magical pieces from Copperfield's shows as well as unique items from magicians Past and Present.  
  • Copperfield ran out of money while building of his New York Location. Disney quietly canceled the project and pulled the builboards for the advertisted project. Copperfeild himself did not have any money tied to the project so he continued his career unharmed. (the project was mostly investor funded)"
  • "Goosebumps HorrorLand Fright Show
  • Harry Potter - The original story of this comes from Jim Hill so take that for what its worth. Jim has a ton of inside sources but also qoutes every rumble and rumor as a news piece.
  • There was initially a pitch for a mini land themed around Harry Potter to come to Walt Disney World in place of Fantasyland in the magic kingdom. The land would feature two attractions. One that would be similar to Buzz light years astroblasters but instead of a gun guests would be armed with a wand as guests were moved through a defense against the dark arts class the other would be a sort of magical creature petting zoo (simliar to the Raptor encounter at Islands of Adventure)
  • Jim cites an old confrence call in a 2003 article for Universals higher ups as saying that Disney had the theme park rights for HP "underwraps" and they would instead look into lord of the rings as a theme park IP
  • "However in the same article Jim goes on to discribe a stunt show that universal would use to pitch the idea to JK Rowling herself, the show would feature Harry, Ron and Hermine where they would show off some magic only for the shows climax to be a faceoff against lord voldimort (who was rumored to be an animatronic as part of the show would see the character burst into flames, writh in pain and disspear before guests eyes
  • The show would not be set during a specific book but would be a stand alone story in the vein of the Harry Potter stories already told by Rowling. "
  • According to Jim, when universal went to pitch the idea to Rowling they were met with a "Thanks, but no. we've given theme park rights to someone else."
  • "Jim then goes on to say that no one at WDI can actually verify this 
  • ""But -- in all the conversations that I've had with WDI insiders over the past few weeks -- no one (And I mean ""NO ONE"") was willing to actually go on record and admit that the Walt Disney Company had indeed tied up all of the theme park rights to the Harry Potter characters. The closest I ever got to confirmation was a couple of knowing smiles from veteran Imagineers as well as a ""Sorry, but that would be telling"" from someone in the Studio's legal department."" - Jim Hill"
  • HOWEVER: There are various articles around the internet that state that Disney was in talks with Rowling, who despite the interest in having her property used in theme parks in some way was not willing to give up full creative control. We do know that Rowling was involved HEAVILY in the design and story telling behind the wizarding world so this should not come as any surprise if this is the case. If this is the case its probably for the better as Wizarding World is incredible where it is and truly upped the game for theme park immerson
  • I've mentioned this a few times on this show but I truly believe that this is the reason we got pandora. Disney needed an immersive land to respond to Universal getting the rights to Harry Potter and building a land that was so immersive you felt as though you were in the movie
  • Feed Back:
    •   Jack (via YouTube) in regard to the S.E.A. episode: I enjoyed this...but the S.E.A. isn't the ONLY imagineered group that's influenced the development of attractiobs and Disney properties. To a lesser extent there's something to be said for "Plus Ultra" as a fictional society driving Disney storytelling.
    •  "Email from Rebekah: Mario... CONGRATS on your epic proposal! I got to thinking about what you said about not being able to go to Disney again for a while because of wedding planning. I am getting married May 11 so I can sympathize with you for sure. However...I wanted to give you guys an idea to mull over. I’m not sure if you are tour now fiancé live together or not and/or how important a traditional wedding registry is to you. I am an avid believer that physical things are temporary and memories are forever. It’s not uncommon to forgo a GIFT registry and instead set up a HONEYMOON registry! Clearly Disney is a major part of your lives and it is super early to be talking about honeymoon destinations but did you know that you can set up a Disney Honeymoon Registry!! https://disneyparksandresorts.honeymoonwishes.com/ Me and my fiancé were planning on doing an Alaskan Cruise for our honeymoon registry...until I got pregnant and we moved the wedding up 6 months so I would fit in my dress 😓 Anywho...I just thought I would reach out to you to congratulate you on a major life milestone and throw out a non traditional idea ❤️ Best of luck to you and your fiancé!!! Rebekah Ward"