05/22/2019 - On this magic night Mario, Beth and Brian take a look back at some of the night time spectacles at Walt Disney World. Tune in as they celebrate the magic of these fantasies in the sky, spectacular festival pageants that we call night time parades and wish for some plus ups on the current iterations

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Show notes:
  • Fireworks shows
    • Fantasy in the Sky 1971 - 2003
      • Opened in Disneyland in 1958 as a response to guests not staying later in the parks. Walt requested a show set against the backdrop of Sleeping Beauty Castle. were performed by having cast members manually launch hand flares. The show was extremely popular, and became a vital component of the Disneyland experience. When the second Disney park, the Magic Kingdom, opened in Florida in 1971, it was only natural to duplicate the show there.
      • The predecessors to Walt Disney Creative Entertainment, the company who create all the entertainment for Disney parks worldwide, were able to produce a much larger show with a bigger budget and more space to work with — Cinderella Castle is almost three times as the Sleeping Beauty
      • The soundtrack has changed a number of times over the years to include many hit songs from popular disney movies the original soundtrack featured: "heigh ho" "mickey Mouse march" "bibbidi- bobbidi- boo" "whistle While you work" and "you can fly"
      • As the show aged many guests opted out of viewing the fireworks at the parks seeing as they had not changed much over their 30 year run and the show was set to be discontinued in early 2000 to celebrate disneylands 45th anniversary.
      • It was replaced at Disneyland by "Believe... theres magic in the stars". Many guests formed a sentimental attachment to believe due to its emotional score and the introduction of a specialy performance of the show around christmas time "Believe... in holiday magic"
      • "Though the show retired from daily use at  both parks by 2003, the show made special performances and Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris through out the years
      • This Fireworks spectacular used to be in Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party for a year, but it still is in the New Year's Eve Special events. 
      • Happening quadrice Every Year from December 30th, to January 1st. The first performance is at 7:00 PM while the second performance is at 11:50 PM. Until 2017, the 7:00 PM Performance of the show was actually Holiday Wishes instead of Fantasy In The Sky but it still has the big New Year’s Eve Finale."
      • " following changes were made to the show:
        • 2004: Halloween Version with added Pyrotechnics 
        • 2005: More Pyro added special version for New Years
        • 2006: No Change
        • 2007: Fireworks load out was completely changed
        • 2008-2014: N/A
        • 2015: Addition of the Search lights
        • 2016: Searchlights removed
        • 2017: Searchlights readded this time the searchlights were from the once upon a time castle show
        • 2018 Castle spires are now illuminated outside of the castle 
        • 2019 Fireworks loud out was referebished with more fireworks added for the finale "
    • Wishes (October 9th 2003 - May 11th 2017)
      • Following Disneylands Believes example Walt Disney Creative Entertainment created a new show for Walt Disney World with the intention of creating an emotional response among guests, the result was a 12:26 hosted by Jiminy Cricket and the Blue fairy revolving around the wishes of famous disney characters."Wishes"  Featured 683 fireworks during 557 Fireworks cues, and castle lighting.
      • While most of the characters in the show are only heard as part of the show's music track, Wishes also featured an appearance from Tinker Bell as she flew from the tallest spire of Cinderella Castle
      • The show saw many iterations over the years including "HalloWishes" and "Holiday Wishes" for both halloween and christmas parties
      • Smaller shows debuted over the course of Wishes lifetime such as:  Magic, Music and Mayhem for the Mickey's Pirates and princess party, Disney's Celebrate America (july 4th fireworks still running since 2008), Summer Nightastic! (A summer itteration of Magic Music and Mayhem) and of course Fantasy in the Sky New Years Eve Countdown
      • "“Wishes” features several new locations for launching fireworks that create brilliant bursts of light around Cinderella Castle, plus pyrotechnic effects never seen before in a Disney theme park, including several developed especially for the show:
      • The show’s “wishing star” crests approximately 100 feet above the castle’s bright spires.
      • The Blue Fairy is represented with a spectacular star-shaped shell that “paints” each wish high in the sky with enchanted starlight."
    • Happily Ever After May 12th 2017
      • Happily Ever After debuted May 12th 2017, it features firewokes, projection mapping, lasers, and searchlights.
      • Unlike wishes no original score was adapted for the show, instead Disney Creative took the theme song from Hong Kong Disneyland's show Mickey and the Wonderous Book and used that as the theme, each section that follows is a compilation of disney songs fitting into smaller segmants of the show.
      • The Show has 8 segments each with their own narrative and musical theme (Opening Narration/Theme song, Dreams, Journey, Friendship, Love, Adversity. Triumph and the Finale
      • Unlike wishes the show is best viewed from in front of the castle as you will likely miss a large portion of the show without the projection mapping.
  • Nighttime Parades
      • On October 25th 1971 The Electric Water Pagent premiered on the seven seas lagoon and bay lake for "dedication day" at walt disney world. In addition to 14 floats its opening night included fireworks and pyrotechnicas that launched from the 14 floats and an additional float behind the water pagent.
      • The Paul Beaver version of Gershon Kingsley & Jean-Jacques Perrey's "Baroque Hoedown", created specially for the Electrical Water Pageant, was used from 1971 until 1977 - which is also the same music used in the mainstreet electrical parade at Disneyland until 1974.
      • Disney melodies were added to the track and some of the floats were repositioned and others completely changed in 1972; and remained that way through 1976. While the track was essentially the same as what was heard during the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland, an oscillator swoop was heard during the music transitions in the Electrical Water Pageant.
    • Main Street Electrical Parade
      • Not long after the Electrical Water Pageant debuted, Card Walker commissioned the development of what became the Main Street Electrical Parade to provide Disneyland with a similar nighttime visual spectacle
      • The parade's design used 500!!! nickel–cadmium batteries, which the Disney movie studio had recently started using, and Italian-made miniature bulbs that Disneyland staff had seen in light displays along Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. Disney arranged for the parade's original floats to be constructed by Silvestri, the Chicago-based company responsible for those holiday displays
      • Two months before the deadline Disney realized that the show was far behind schedule and the floats were moved backstage to Disneyland where Disney brought on Welders, Electricians, and other Temporary Staff to complete the show. The staff that disney brought on would need to assemble the floats and handtint and install over 500,000 miniture lightbulbs in just a two month span.
      • The engineers who helped create the parade also created the first automated parade show-control program. This allowed the 2,000-foot (610 m) long parade route to contain multiple radio-activated "trigger zones". Using radio-activated triggers as each float entered a zone, the audience would hear float-specific music through the park's audio system. Each zone was between 70 to 100 feet (21 to 30 m) long, and the zoned system meant that every person watching the parade would experience the same show, no matter where they stood along the parade route
      • Despite its setbacks the parade opened on schedule on June 17th 1972 at disneyland and just shy of 5 years later it would also see its Walt Disney World debut on June 11th 1977
      • The parade would last till September 14th 1991 at the Orlando park. the Floats were then sent over to Disneyland Paris where it would run until March 23rd 2003. The Florida Show was replaced by the fan favorite Spectromagic on October 1st 1991 as a part of the Magic kingdom's 20th anniversary Celebration
      • Though its inital run ended in 1991 the parade would return later. A version of the parade was flown into Manhattan New York in 1997 to celebrate the opening of Disney's Hercules at the New Amsterdam Theater. Disney arranged for the lights to be all turned off on about eight blocks of Broadway up to the theater. All businesses complied, with the exception of Disney rival Warner Brothers. It was led by a custom Hercules title unit made for this one time only use. It was shown on national television on a one-hour promotional program featuring the music and making of Hercules
    • Spectro Magic
      • This 20 minute nighttime parade featured scenes from movies such as The Little Mermaid (still a new Disney movie at the time this parade debuted), Fantasia, Sleeping Beauty, as well as a vast collection of other characters. It was also known for the “SpectroMen,” clown-like characters who rode what appeared to be giant disco balls
      • The show featured 45+ charactes, 14 Spectromen, 8 butterflies and demanded over 65 performers a night
      • The parade tells the tale of Mickey Mouse and the SpectroMagic Spectromen who together create teh paower of SpectroMagic!
      • the parade made use of fiberoptic lighting and an original Waltz time which is very unusal for parade music
      • The theme was scored by John Debney who has composing credits in: the jungle book (2016), Iron Man 2, Chicken Little,  and Elf
      • Main Street Electrical Parade Part 2/ Spectro Part 2/MSE Part 3?
      • This is where things start to get weird. MSE was closed at disneyland in 1996 after a 24 year run and replaced by the show lightmagic (which was an immediate failure), Lightbulbs certified as part of the show were sold off to collectors. However the plan for the parade was to referbish it and send it over to WDW for the Millennium Celebration. It ran from May 21st 1999 to April 1st 2001. where it was replaced by spectromagic again.
      • The parade was sent back to replace the failure that was LightMagic (called light Tragic by Disneyland fans) . however crowds seemed dwindling and the parade was announced to move to California Adventure the same year to celebrate the parks first summer season and renamed Disney's Electrical Parade due to there not being a mainstreet in California Adventure and would run there until April 18th 2010.
      • Spectro Returned to WDW on April 2nd 2001 and would run for another 9 years ending its run on June 4th 2010
      • MSE would be brought back to WDW in 2010 as part of a summer promtion called Summer Nightastic! where it would change its name back to the mainstreet electrical parade.
      • The parade as initially announced to only be a summer event however at the end of the nighttastic celebration disney announced that the parade would be on an "open ended" run.
      • Fans MSE's replacement SpectroMagic began to wonder what became of the parade as Disneyland sat without a nighttime parade and the announcment of MSE staying in WDW likely meant that they were not going to see one for some time. It wasn't until 2013 when fans got word that spectromagic was was being retired as reports of the floats being damaged hit the internet. It is rumored that a few of the floats remained (specifically Chernobog)
      • Many fans were disappointed that they never offically got to see the "final" showing of Spectro
      • October 9, 2016 MSE ended its "limited open ended" run at Walt Disney world and was moved over to disneyland for a special limited time run. We haven't seen a nighttime parade since and its looking like we likely wont see one again.
  • Projection Shows:
    • The Magic, the Memories and You
      • January 18, 2011 A nighttime projection show premirees at both Cinderellas Castle in WDW and Its a Small World in DL. Thhe show featured photographs and videos of park guests taken by photopass employees combined with projections of disney characters and attractions set to pre-selected music.
      • The Magic, the Memories and You show was presented before and after the nightly Wishes fireworks show at Magic Kingdom, as well as presented before and after Disneyland's regular nightly fireworks, and was part of Disney's "Let the Memories Begin" campaign for 2011
      • It would end its run on September 3rd 2012
    • Celebrate the Magic
      • November 12th 2012 Celebrate the Magic premiered before the nighttime fireworks featuring a similar style to The Magic, The Memories and You. however replacing the photographs of guests with short segments from Disney films. 
      • The show opened with a song of the same name as the show and featured photographs of walt disney sketching mickeym which would turn into the iconic steamboat willie scene and then progress through classic disney films such as alice in wonderland, dumbo, wreck it ralph, the lion king, tangled, toy story and pirates of the carribean.
      • The show's climax features a fast-paced montage of characters and scenes from such other Disney films as
      • During the montage Walt Disney appears again, via archival footage, reciting one of his most famous quotes; "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse". The show then proceeds into a synchronized pyrotechnic finale
      • The show would end its run on November 3, 2016
    • Once Upon a Time
      • In October 2013, Tokyo Disney Resort announced that Once Upon a Time, a new nighttime entertainment at Tokyo Disneyland, would premiere on May 29, 2014. This nighttime entertainment uses projection mapping technology to produce a three-dimensional effect by projecting images in a way that fits the contours of buildings and other structures. This is the first time for this technology to be used in an entertainment program at Tokyo Disney Resort.
      • It was later announced that On October 26, 2016 the show would come to Walt disney World and replace the Celebrate the Magic show.
      • Hosted by Mrs. Potts, the show was framed as her telling bedtime stories to Chip, including sequences showcasing Alice in Wonderland, Tangled, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and finally Beauty and the Beast which culminated in the battle between Gaston and Beast fighting out on the castle itself and Beast's transformation back into the Prince kicking off the finale. The finale montage included brief appearances by characters from Frozen, Aladdin and The Lion King
      • Magic Kingdom version has some difference from Tokyo Disneyland version because they only used minimized use of fire, fireworks and more searchlights, although lasers was added in June 2017. This version only runs 14:30 minutes and excluding Snow White and Tangled scenes, and replace them with Frozen scene from special winter version.